Case Studies


Phase 1 – Test Automation (Toolset Implementation)

Phase 1 was used as a ͚proof of concept͛ and a key initial deliverable was the automated testing of one end-to-end business process to demonstrate a working example to the Client team, who were already using HP Quality Center. The Cignus team installed the additional validated in-scope toolsets onto Client, identified hardware and aligned the existing toolsets to the newly installed tools in readiness for automation to commence.

Client produced an initial list of 25-30 business processes. Working with Cignus, the project team went on to analyze business priority/criticality and coverage, identifying 15 of these processes for automated test scripts creation in the next phase of work, but the project scope cut the final business process count delivered to 11.

Finally, for this element of the work, the Cignus team created a Toolset Administration Guide, defining and documenting the automation process to be created and best practice operation.

Phase 2 – Acceleration Plan

The Cignus team went on to build and execute automated scripts for the 11 identified SAP end-to-end business processes, including execution metrics. Cignus then demonstrated the automated test script operation to Client's wider IT community. The presentation was well received and clearly demonstrated the potential time savings.

Following completion of the 11 end-to-end test scenarios, we ran a weeklong test automation script-writing training course. Within 5 weeks, the Client team completed 5 more end-to-end automated test scripts, and Cignus provided knowledge transfer to ensure the Client team would be self-sufficient upon completion.

Key Benefits

The Client team͛s increased productivity will allow SAP release cycles to go live up to 2 weeks earlier as well as significantly reducing regression testing efforts. As a result, the Client's IT team being able to provide 1 additional SAP release per year.

The automated regression pack created during the Cignus engagement enables defects to be identified sooner, as well as freeing up the Client's business users to focus on the new functionality being delivered.


Case Study 1

Client: Large, Pharmaceutical Company

Project Focus: Implement the TrackWise EQMS Accelerator Solution version 8.7.13, preconfigured for the pharmaceutical industry.

Approach: Our delivery approach began with a detailed project plan and proven methodology to drive activities such as server sizing and hardware requirements, configuration, training, validation, and data migration. In as little as six months, Cignus delivered a fully implemented and validated production QMS.

Result: The project was completed on time and on budget, with the regulatory body accepting the Cignus-implemented TrackWise EQMS.

Case Study 2

Client: Medium, CRO

Project Focus: Convert paper based QMS to EQMS process.

Approach: Our approach included the client’s needs:.

  • Perform market analysis to identify a suitable Software as a Service (SaaS) Vendor for EQMS;
  • Convert all paper forms, templates, and procedures t
  • Align IT SDLC to meet Validation Lifecycle needs
  • Develop Validation Plan, Regulatory Impact Assessment, URS, FRS, CS, Testing Process, Trace Matrix, and Validation Summary Report.

Result: Cignus successfully implemented the new EQMS in three months.