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CFLink SAP CoNNector™

The CFLink SAP CoNNector™ provides quick and simple integration between SAP and Cold Fusion powered Web Applications. Backed by Cignus’s in-house SAP R/3 and mySAP systems, domain expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, the CFLink SAP CoNNector™ is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve SAP Certified integration to your SAP system(s). All these benefits without having to write any custom code or modify your SAP landscape.


There are several "standard" methods of communication with SAP: RFC, BAPI and IDOC. Traditional integration solutions require writing a custom code "wrapper" (e.g. C or Visual Basic) around each RFC, BAPI or IDOC.

Funcational Highlights
    The CFLink SAP CoNNector™ delivers integration to all of SAP via several options:
  •  The RFC/BAPI component calls any standard or custom RFC or BAPI function module, which can be
  • used for transaction processing or data retrieval
  • The IDOC component handles any inbound, outbound or bi-directional IDOC in your SAP system,
  • whether it has been customized or not
  •  The Transaction component allows a customer to run any standard or custom SAP transaction that
  • can be handled with a batch input session
  • The Query component retrieves information from any standard or custom tables in the data
  • dictionary. It includes functionality to query from multiple related tables in a single call
    Additionally, the CFLink SAP CoNNector™ supports many advanced features including:
  • SXDA Import- Automatically imports any SAP SXDA (LSMW) structure document into the CFLink
  • meta-database creating Maps, Message Formats and Work-set configurations for initial data loads
  • SAP Trigger- CFLink can be configured to act as a listener for an SAP Workflow trigger and treat
  • these triggers as external events
  • SAP Wizards- Several CFLink wizards are provided to simplify and automate the configuration
  • process, greatly reducing time to deployment

The CFLink SAP CoNNector™ does not force you to install anything into your SAP environment or modify your SAP landscape in any way. You can choose to run any existing custom ABAP RFC, or any BAPI that SAP provides, or any standard or customized IDOC.

The CFLink SAP CoNNector™ supports connectivity to SAP R/3 versions 3.1 and above, and mySAP ECC 5.0 and above, with or without NetWeaver.

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